Photos from our 2021 Christmas Party Dec 18 2021. Photos taken by Hannah Starlight

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Well it is our first Christmas and we wanted to give you a special little something to show our gratitude for all the support, love and Pandas that you have bred so far this year!

2020 has been a horrible year because of the pandemic, and it is our hope that the New Year brings a new beginning past corona 19 and into a healthy and happy 2021. Yes we have a long way to go but if we pull together we will come out the other side stronger as a society. Honestly, this year has been a total s$^ts storm, and that brings us to the name of the gift we have for you "After the Storm" - a Limited Edition Panda [there is 3 and you will get 1 at random]. Now after every storm, you see a Rainbow, so let me introduce you to the After the Storm Pandas! [Click on an image to see the larger version!]



So how can you get your Christmas Gift from Cute n Cuddly? Well just head to our Main Store, make sure you wear your Cute n Cuddly Tags and click on the Christmas Gift Vendor! Please note that this gift is only available to current Breeders!

Each After the Storm Panda has passable Eyes, Ears, Tail and Claws!

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Bright and Joyous 2021 from all of us at Cute n Cuddly Breedables!


With the success of our Default Challenge that we ran, we felt it was time for another. And this is the AQUA CHALLENGE!

This Challenge's prize is:

100,000 Elysium Points AND a 25 Pack of Food!

How do I win this? Well you need to be the first breeder to breed an ALL AQUA Panda.

It must have the following traits [and these must be the default coats, not limited edition coats / traits]

  • Aqua Coat
  • Aqua Ears
  • Aqua Underbelly
  • Aqua Claws
  • Aqua Fangs
  • Aqua Tail. and of course
  • Aqua Eyes
  • Aqua Nose

Please note, staff and banned breeders are not eligible to enter this compettion. HAPPY BREEDING!!! And it can have any combinations of Shine, Glow and or Particles as long as the core 8 traits are there!


CHIRSTMAS EXPO 2020 - 14/12/2020

I know this post is a little late, but with everything that has been happening I have been a little swamped and for that I apologize.

We were very fortunate to be part fo the amazing 10th Annual Secondlife Christmas Expo this year, in support of childhood cancer research and support.

We sold exclusively a set of 7 Limited Edition Pandas which raised a total of $252,300 Lindens for the cause. These Pandas are now no longer available. You can view our donations page here.

Here are a few Happy Snaps from our amazing display thanks to our Manager AngelEyes and Cute who spent 2 days putting it together for you all! Click on any one to see a larger version you can then left and right arrow through them!

Our Raffle for a Custom PASSABLE Coat has been won!

CarolinePatience Resident [better known by all as Cari Payne, the Princess of Pandas] has won our raffle for a custom passable Coat Tattoo.

She named this one the "Rainbow Pegasus" so in that light, I want to introduce you all to the Default Rainbow Pegasus Coat. This is Passable and it will be up to Cari as to when that is available for others to purchase! Included is a screenshot from our database with the command that was used to generate the random name from the list for validation of how the process was actually achieved. Click an image for an expanded view!

Well Done Cari! <3


The Default Challenge has been claimed!

Well today marks a milestone! Our first Challenge, the 7x Default Challenge has been claimed by Henna Banana with this amazingly beautiful girl! We will be announcing our NEXT Challenge in the coming days....

Name: Chip
Gender: Female
Coat: Default
Tail: Default
Nose: Default
Eyes: Hetrochromia Crimson Hot Pink
Ears: Default
Claws: Default
Underbelly: Default
Teeth: Default
Personality: Content
My Pedigree: Pedigree Link

Henna and her Beautiful 7x Default Girl!


Transaction Record for payment to Henna Banana of the Default Challenge!


Well Done Henna!

Spoonful of Sugar Festival 2020

We are supporting the Spoonful of Sugar Festival 2020, which supports Doctors Without Borders, with a huge amount of things happening! The festival is open from September 5 till September 20th.

We have our first set of "FOR SALE" Limited Editions - the SOS 2020 Cyber Pandas! Each one will cost you $850L and 100% of the proceeds from this will be delivered INSTANTLY to Doctors Without Borders. In the interests of full transparency, we have created this page here, which will once they are available show every LE that is purchased, the total $ raised and the like.

So how do you get a SOS 2020 Cyber Panda? You need to visit our Satelite store at the SOS Festival, and buy it from one of the vendors there. When you birth your LE you will birth one of the 5 random colours so collect them all!

Spoonful of Sugar 2020 LE Cyber Pandas

That is not all we are doing either! We have scheduled a CHARITY AUCTION on September 19th at 9am SLT. We will have the following Pandas up for sale, and 100% of the proceeds of each panda will be sent to Doctors Without Borders! Keep an eye on our main Group notices for information on location info [as that has not been issued to us yet!]

All Majestic Pandas are the RAREST OF THE RARE! They are a random drop that happens on average every 7,000-10,000 conceptions!

All Pandas will be MALE! [click each name for a picture!]

Each winner will also receive 10,000 Elysium Points added to their account FOR EACH PANEL THEY PURCHASE!

So mark that in your calendar, and make sure you get down for that Auction!

I have also decided, that if we can raise $200,000L or above for Doctors Without Borders, then we will throw a huge party as a thank you for our community at our main store, and I will personally put $25,000L on the board for BEST IN DOCTORS AND NURSES [keep it clean though!] so make sure to spread the news and lets help a worthwhile Charity!

We are looking for a community Auctioneer to help with the Charity Auction - if you want to help out, please fill in this form here.


Random Monthly Drop for August 2020! MISPRINT LEO!

This month's random drop Panda is the Misprint Leo 2020. Between the 1st and 14th of August 2020, any baby concieved could be magically transformed into the gorgeous Misprint Leo Coat!

Misprint Leo 2020

Habitat Competition Winners - 7 July 2020.

Congratulations to the winners of our Launch Habitat Compettition for their amazing work!

First prize winer recieved a 25 pack of Food and 20,000 Elysium Points.
Chrissywest Resident
Second prize winer recieved a 10 pack of Food and 10,000 Elysium Points.
AngelEyes Foxclaw!
Third prize winer recieved a 5 pack of Food, and 5,000 Elysium Points.
ArriMorgi Resident!





Well done on your amazing creativity, and beautiful work!


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