Photos from our 2021 Christmas Party Dec 18 2021. Photos taken by Hannah Starlight

Spoonful of Sugar 2020 Sales Report

This page is setup so that you can see the total Limited Editions that have been sold, and the total $Lindens that have been passed onto Spoonful of Sugar.

For privacy Reason's, the purchaser's FIRST NAME will be starred out. All listed times are in SLT.

Each Limited Edition is sold for $850 Lindens. 100% of that is passed onto Doctors Without Borders directly via their
in world Avatar Jeremy MSF (MSFUSA Resident).

Our Charity Auction commences at 9am SLT on the 19th of Sept. 2020 and can be visited by the clicking here.

Visit our in world Store at Spoonful of Sugar. // Visit the Spoonful of Sugar Auction Area.

Total $L Raised: $0 Lindens

- Total LE's Sold: (Total raised: $0)
- Total $ Raised at Auction: $0 Lindens

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